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TimeNavi's interactive way of learning time management enables you to create long-lasting habits and make sure you spend your time on what's important to you.

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Learn time management on the go.

Our Google Calendar Add-On provides you with analysis and recommendations based on your google calendar activity.


Learn Time Management on the Go

At TimeNavi, we believe that learning time management is about building long-lasting habits. Therefore our app works with your calendar, showing you how well you plan and control your day in real-time. This makes learning time management efficient and also a lot of fun!

Build lasting habits

Control your day


Improve your productivity and work-life balance

The ability to plan and control your time makes helps you to make better decisions on how to allocate it. Therefore, developing helpful time management habits with TimeNavi, you will see improvements in both productivity and work-life balance and learn to make time for what matters.

Balance your time

Increase your productivity


Connect the dots between your time and your priorities

Discover how much time you spend on activities that are important to you. Our add-on enables you to define your own activities and track them based on either event colour or words in the event’s title. You can track your time over the last week, month or any time frame that suits your needs.

Track what you spend time on

Make time for your priorities

“ TimeNavi is easy to use and affordable. I’m in love with the team, they are super helpful and effective. Would 100% recommend TimeNavi to others, just give the free version a try and you’ll see why!”

Marcos Luján Castañeda